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Welcome to the unofficial Town of Wingate, Indiana website. This site is not sponsored or owned by the town, but we hope that the people of the town and visitors to the town can benefit from the information on this page.

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This site is currently under development and new items will be added regularly.  Would you like to see something? Let us know. We can try to incorporate it.

Town News – What events or going ons in the town (Sweet Corn Festival, Neighborfest – more soon), calendar of events, notifications, and announcements (70th wedding anniversary, birthday, wedding, graduation etc.)

Basic Info – for new residents, how to get mail, trash service, local utilities, internet, surrounding town and city info. Where is closest hardware store, who to call if you need X done. We are still working on all the information. Still new to the town ourselves.

Town Hall updates can’t make it to the meeting? Get the latest of what was discussed and decided.

Business pages– One single page on this site FREE to any business small or large operating within the town or up to 1mi outside town. This can be a description of the business, what you offer, how to contact you hours of operation etc. Pictures, links to video. Whatever you would like to let people of the town know about you, or your business. Some restrictions apply (copyrighted material, profanity etc.) The business may be a business, a church, or organization.

Classifieds – Any person in town can run a classified ad, with picture, or video. No camera? We have professional equipment and can take photos for you. For Sale, Trade, Wanted, Services etc. Again some restrictions apply.

Relevant News – Different news feeds from other communities, county , and state news. Look to the left of the page for “Recent Posts”

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We live in this town. We want to be a part of this town and see the residents and businesses engaged and thriving. Part of small town life is you get to know your neighbors and community. You should be able to depend on them, if someone is in need, the neighbors come together to help. People watch out for each other. Having lived in small towns and previously in big city, we would much rather be in small town again. Sometimes a town needs to grow, change, adapt, or it eventually dies. Sometimes staying the course is what makes it thrive.


This site is owned, and operated by Wolf-Beach LLC,  Brandie Wolf and Rick Beach.

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